Frank Jewell for County Commissioner - 14 West 5th St, Duluth, MN 55806 | (218) 310-1028
                                                 Since July I have been knocking on the doors of 1st  District
                                                 residents and talking to them about the county board race
                                                 and their concerns.  I am in awe of the great commitment
                                                 our citizens have to this community and their neighbors.  
                                                 I am also struck by the great diversity of the1st District and                                                        its constituents -  plumbers, students, business people,                                                             sales clerks, bankers, doctors, the young, the elderly, the rich, the poor many and so different.   But no matter  how diverse the community our citizens have one thing in common and that is a belief that county government should be run .... accountably, with integrity and respect for others. 

I share that value and on behalf of the good people of St. Louis County , will continue to work for these values.

​"As we’ve become more involved in our community, we are impressed by the energy and vision that St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewell brings to his responsibilities."      

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The Citizens
What are People Saying?
"I hope voters reject campaigns based on lies and negativity.

In this spirit, re-electing Frank Jewell will best, most honorably and most honestly serve all of St. Louis County."

Chuck Babst                                       read the complete Letter to the Editor 
"St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewell’s factual record speaks for him as does the hugely diverse community of his supporters."

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