The Issues

We've brought back integrity to the 1st District County Commissioner position

Like many residents of St. Louis County 4 years ago, I was 
distressed to see petty squabbles and personal agendas
preventing the County Board from getting the county’s
business done.  I have worked diligently to work 
cooperatively with other commissioners , with other units 
of government, and with constituents. Elected officials 
should be held to a high standard of conduct. I believe I have met that standard. 

The first district covers 19 square miles in the  city of Duluth.  Within that area lies the  individual and diverse neighborhoods of Park Point, East Hillside, Central Hillside, Duluth Heights, Kenwood and Chester Park.- each with their own concerns and set of needs.  Over  the last 4 years I have listened and acted on your behalf.    I care about all of my constituents and I  vote on issues in a way that supports the needs of our community.  This means having  the courage to make difficult decisions and to have my vote counted.

Fiscal Responsibility

In these tough times, residents should be able to count on their County Board to provide strong leadership ensuring we can continue to provide the services that mean so much to the people of St. Louis County.  This includes advocating for a tax policy that doesn't burden the local property owners with ever-increasing property taxes.  If the county is going to continue to offer the level of services our constituents expect, we must continue to lobby aggressively with the state for appropriate levels of funding.

I am committed to fiscal responsibility, in each year of my service on the Board, I have joined a majority of Commissioners in passing a budget that assures that County services are both efficient and effective, and that any increase in taxes to provide these essential services is well below the rate of inflation. 

Stewardship of county lands

                                      St. Louis County is the largest county east of the                                       Mississippi and one of the most beautiful. It is filled 
                                      with an incredible variety of natural resources and
                                      home to strong and resilient people. Its lakes are clear
                                      and clean and its land is filled with a great diversity
                                      of life.  The beauty and bounty of our area will only 
                                      last if we are good stewards of these resources.
                                      Assuring the health and safety of the area; its people
                                      and its land and water are key to a quality of life that
we all appreciate. The citizens of St. Louis County value being able to hunt and  fish and believe that these natural resources should protected and shared by all- not just a privileged few.  

Mining and forestry are two of our most important industries and employ large numbers of our citizens.  It is important that we keep these jobs and assure that these industries are run in a way that is sustainable and safe for the environment- not just for us, but for generations to come.



Frank Jewell for County Commissioner - 14 West 5th St Duluth, MN 55806 (218) 310-1028