Frank Jewell for County Commissioner - 14 West 5th St , Duluth, MN 55806 | (218) 310-1028

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My Vision

The last three years have reinforced my
belief that county government must endeavor
to promote the health, safety and natural
resources of its citizens. While I have always
had an understanding of the importance of
this contract the County has with our citizens, I have gained a greater appreciation of the breadth of that commitment to all of St. Louis County.

From 3,000 miles of roads and thousands of septic systems to a wonderful program for mothers and babies, essential county services assure that people are fed and housed, the heat can be kept on, the potholes are filled, our communities are safe and our water is clean. 

My vision for St. Louis County and my personal commitment has been and continues to:

Be a thoughtful and careful steward of the environment for present and future generations
Value all citizens and ensure that services are available to meet their needs
Support effective public safety so that community members can live freely and safely in their homes and communities while ensuring that all citizens receive equal treatment under the law
See that the county is financially stable and we support job growth and sustainable development
Look for creative and innovative solutions where ever possible

                                  Because I am committed to fiscal responsibility, I have
                                  joined a majority of Commissioners each year in passing
                                  a budget that assures that County services are both 
                                  efficient and effective, and that any increase in taxes to 
                                  provide these essential services is well below the rate of

As one of the Commissioners representing Duluth, I have worked hard to support and increase ways the County and the City can collaborate. Whether it is building the very best and equitable assessment system or working together to build the Duluth Traverse, I believe we provide better services and products by working together. Our joint efforts have included the creation of hundreds of new jobs at businesses such as AAR, Maurices and Involta, just a few examples of important collaboration among the private and public sectors that is bringing increased employment, enhanced revenues and positive growth to our communities.  

Human services are a key component of what St. Louis County provides. From providing for seniors who wish to continue living in their homes to child protection, I have supported continued top quality programming. Last year I helped lead the support for adding additional staff to implement our local portion of the Affordable Care Act, increasing the number of individuals and families that have access to health care. I also was an active participant in the efforts to decrease our jail population, saving the county nearly $1 million a year while making our communities safer and holding criminals accountable.