As Your 1st District County Commissioner, I Believe

Good jobs are critical.  Your county government needs to ensure that we have the best possible environment for innovation and businesses so young people have the living wage jobs they need to stay in the area. I have supported joint efforts with the City of Duluth that created hundreds of new jobs at businesses such as AAR, Maurices and Involta.

Our tax policy shouldn’t burden local property owners. It takes strong leadership to continue providing the services that mean so much to the people of St. Louis County. In each year that I’ve been working as your county commissioner, I have joined a majority of commissioners in passing an efficient and effective County services budget so that any increase in taxes to provide these essential services is well below the rate of inflation. 

You have a right to live in a safe and healthy environment. 

                                                The St. Louis County Board is responsible for 
                                                assuring that all of our citizens—young and
                                                old—can live in safe and healthy environments. I
                                                was an active participant in the efforts to 
                                                decrease our jail population, saving the county 
                                                nearly $1 million a year while making our
                                                communities safer and holding criminals                                                 accountable.

                         ​Frank's Position on the Environment 
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